Donn Delson
Aerial Abstracts

Flight has always held a special allure for Donn Delson. He grew up in Ohio where his father was an aeronautical engineer, which perhaps explains the son’s fascination with aerial photography. Delson’s drive to travel the world, shooting abstracted images, comes from his strong entrepreneurial background. Reflecting on how his life story influences his art-making, Delson said, "The best investment you can make is in yourself. Being an artist is my major form of self-actualization."

He is married to the earth, but finds himself perpetually drawn to the sky for the unencumbered, unfamiliar, and consistently wondrous perspective it provides. Fortunately Delson has no fear of heights and loves the adrenalin rush as he shoots with ‘doors off’ in a Robinson 22 or 44 helicopters. He shoots using a combination of camera bodies, a Sony 7Rll or a Canon 5DSR, with a mix of lens. The aerial series is a combination of his love of the unexpected perspective because he is drawn to the abstract, symmetry, and to the enigmatic. For those of us who would tremble at the thought of hanging out of a Helicopter at 3,000 feet, these images not only give the viewer an eagle’s eye view, but frame our earth from above in a uniquely abstract image, making us guess as to what we are looking at, similar to a jigsaw puzzle.

The Image Collector

"I hold many of these images permanently in my mind’s eye, and am fortunate to be able to couple those images with the associated emotion of the moment. I am inspired to share those unexpected perspectives, and strive to convey a sense of the experience to the viewer. I am an image collector. The things I see, or envision in my mind’s eye, often become meaningful icons that inform my photography. The camera is the mechanism by which I hope to translate that visual imagery into meaningful photographs."

"As a young child, I remember staring out the window from the upper berth of a railway sleeper car, long after my parents were asleep, and freeze-framing the nighttime beauty of farms and fences and moonlit reflections in ponds as they raced by to the steady clickety-clack of the wheels on the tracks. I seek to recapture that same sense of wonder and discovery each time I look through the lens, infusing those revelations with fresh feeling and purpose, rich in intangibles, subtextural statements, and conversations. As one who finds peace in meditation, photography affords me not only artistic expression, but also spiritual nourishment. I am drawn to images that utilize negative space and unexpected perspective to convey unity, and symmetry, as well as a deep measure of tranquility," explains Delson about his approach to his photography.


To encourage viewers to immerse themselves visually in his work Delson produces high resolution, large format prints, often 48 x 72 inches that are visually striking on a wall. His next exhibition is in April 2017 at PhotoIndependent in Los Angeles. He enjoys the aerial portion of his photographic journey so much that he expects to continue to expand and enhance his efforts to create an extensive portfolio from selected locations throughout the world.


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