Artist Statement

I am an image collector.  The things I see, or envision in my mind’s eye, often become meaningful icons that inform my photography. 

As a young child, I remember staring out the window from the upper berth of a railway sleeper car, long after my parents were asleep, and freeze-framing the nighttime beauty of farms and fences and moonlit reflections in ponds as they raced by to the steady clickety-clack of the wheels on the tracks.  I seek to recapture that same sense of wonder and discovery each time I look through the lens, infusing those revelations with fresh feeling and purpose, rich in intangibles, subtextural statements, and conversations.     

Always fascinated by unexpected perspective and enigmatic imagery, I’ve devoted my recent efforts to aerial abstract photography, be it man made or of nature.

I do not use drones, as they are legally limited to heights of 400 feet. The perspective I seek requires altitudes of 1200 feet to almost two miles high. As most of my work is displayed at sizes up to 60” x 90”, photographing from a helicopter with the door off provides me with unobstructed views, allowing the best possible resolution, and pure joy of flying.





 Shadow Ball

Shadow Ball

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